About Me

Hello there friend.

I’m glad you’re here. My name is Nicky. I’m a 30-year-old Christian wife, singer, MRI radiographer, traveller, and now (apparently), a blogger.

Chances are, if you have stumbled across this page, you aren’t feeling so great. Chances are, you are currently struggling with your mental health, perhaps even verging on desperate, and you need a safe space, and some help. Well new friend, you have stumbled to the right place. So relax, take a deep breath; make a cuppa and let’s chat.

A few years ago, I was in your shoes. Overwhelmed by constant anxiety, weighed down by depression, feeling desperate and disconnected. This mental illness gig felt like a life sentence, one that was unbearable, and one that I couldn’t see a way out of.

But, by the Grace of God, and with the help and support of some incredible family and friends, I survived that awful season. I learned a lot, and most importantly, I found a way out of it. A way to freedom from debilitating mental illness.

Friend, you don’t have a life sentence. Together we can get you back on your feet.

I hope you will join me xx

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